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14 Stylish Home Decor Finds from Target that Look High-End

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I can’t believe I haven’t written a post about my stylish Target home decor finds since May. Ah, the blasphemy!

For many years, Target has been my little slice of heaven and my happy place. And ever since they started adding their brilliant in-house home decor brands and collaborations to the roster, I can’t get enough of browsing their design aisles. Nerdy, I know.

I was there a few times last week (bought this super comfy cable knit throw blanket), and plan on heading up there tonight to buy the planter pot featured below (in both colors!) for our new fixer-upper cottage in Orlando.

I’m also seriously thinking about buying the woven ottoman featured below even though I’ll have to store it somewhere until we move. But I saw it in person and it’s beautifully made and a really great value. I think it will look so cute in the cottage!

One of the fun aspects of designing a space – and a way to stay within budget – is mixing high-priced items with low-priced items to create an interesting, lived-in feel and that’s what my “I Spy High-End Design” feature posts are all about.

So come check out these 14 stylish home decor and furniture finds from Target that look high-end but won’t break your budget. Bonus: these beautiful pieces will fit in with so many different design styles!

Drop me a comment below and let me know what YOUR latest fave Target purchase is!

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