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12 Stylish Accent Chairs from Target that Look High-End

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One of the fun aspects of designing a space – and a way to stay within budget – is mixing high-priced items with low-priced items to create an interesting, lived-in feel and that’s what my “I Spy High-End Design” feature posts are all about. Good design doesn’t always mean it has to be crazy expensive. 

And here’s a dirty little insider secret – many high-end interior designers use Target products (and a lot of IKEA too!) in their designs, specifically accessories and other small home decor items. 

By the time a project gets to the accessories stage, there typically aren’t many funds left in the budget so designers will use Target, IKEA, vintage, and second-hand finds to finish out accessorizing the project. 

For one of my client projects, we purchased Threshold™ designed with Studio McGee’s Rialto Woven Back Barrel Chair (shown below) for less than $300 and it was the perfect little accent chair for the wife’s home office. It’s a very comfortable, high-quality chair and when we move into Phase 2 of their project (around late summer-ish), we will be re-covering the standard cushions with some fun fabrics to make the chair look really high-end. 

It was a great solution in order to stay within their overall budget which meant we could apply more funds toward “important” items (kitchen lighting, living room, and bedroom furniture, and things like that). The wife loves Serena & Lily so we were able to give her that look and feel at a more attainable price point. We were then able to use Serena & Lily wallpaper and bedding throughout the house so there’s the tradeoff!

I’ve been trying to figure out where I could use the olive green Talbot pillow-top slipper chair (also shown below) because it’s beyond super cute and it’s actually very comfortable. I’d love to use it in my future home office so I might just buy it and store it before it’s discontinued.

If you’re currently in the market for a cute accent chair for your home, guest room, or home office, check out these 12 stylish accent chairs from Target that look high-end but won’t break your budget. Bonus: these beautiful pieces will fit in with so many different design styles!

Drop me a comment below and let me know what YOUR latest fave Target purchase is!

Image Source: Target

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