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Stylish Patio Furniture from Target

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I hope the last post about patio living was inspirational to you and got the hamster wheel in your brain churnin’ non-stop because I know mine has been!

Even though I’m not planning out our current patio situation, I am planning out the outdoor living design at our future home and my little pea brain has been overflowing with ideas lately.

I thought I’d continue with the patio living theme this week and showcase some beautiful outdoor furniture from my fave store in the world – Target.

I seriously get so excited to see what new products they keep adding because the design and quality keep getting better and better and it inspires me to use them in some kind of project somehow.

The pieces below are just so stylish and classic with a modern touch. They’d fit into pretty much any backyard patio design.

Ok, so the first one isn’t technically furniture (or is it?) but I thought it was too cute to leave out.

Drop me a comment below and let me know which one is YOUR fave!

Image Source: Target

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