Our Farmhouse Kitchen’s Turkish Runner Rug

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I mentioned in my last post how February is going to be a month of purging for me since I did a bunch of little projects throughout the pandemic that I haven’t written about yet. And here’s another one of those WAY overdue posts!

Back in November 2020 (doesn’t that seem like forever ago?), I wrote a post about trying to choose a non-toxic runner rug for our kitchen. After searching for months, I had my options narrowed down to 12 rugs and after I wrote that post, I decided on buying Ruggable’s Kamran Hazel Runner Rug for $149.

What’s cool about Ruggable is you can purchase three 10″x10″ rug samples for $15 and I was interested in seeing what the quality was like before buying one of their rugs for the first time. If you remember, shipping was a nightmare everywhere because of pandemic-related delays and I didn’t want to deal with the hassle of returning the rug if I didn’t like it.

I got a confirmation email from Ruggable claiming I’d get my 3 samples in a couple of weeks. Well, those couple of weeks turned into a month, then into 2 months, and my patience had worn thin by then so I had them cancel my order and issue a refund.

Super bummed, but not deterred from finding THE perfect rug for our kitchen, I hopped onto Etsy and browsed through hundreds of ridiculously beautiful vintage Turkish Oushak rugs. I must have spent at least 20 hours browsing through all of these rugs night after night.

A quick note about vintage rugs on Etsy: if you find one you really like, you need to buy it right away because they are quickly scooped up especially if it’s a unique rug (trust me – I found out the hard way more than a few times!).

I wanted something truly unique and something with a subtle pop of color, preferably aqua or light green. The main reason why I wanted a Ruggable rug is that they’re machine washable. However, they’re not made with naturally stain-resistant materials like wool (like most vintage rugs) so their rugs aren’t going to last and will eventually end up in a landfill. That’s another reason why I ultimately decided to go the vintage rug route.

So after browsing through hundreds of vintage runner rugs for a couple of weeks, I finally found THE ONE! It checked off all the boxes for me, was about the same size as the Ruggable rug (just 6″ inches shorter), and was only $80 including shipping from Turkey! Isn’t she so pretty?

Image from the original Etsy listing

The listing stated that this rug was made in the 1970s which happens to be the decade I was born so I thought that was super cool. And the owner said it’s super easy to clean – just use a brush and soapy water to get out any stains. And I can vouch that it really is THAT easy to clean this rug. Huzzah!

Here’s a closeup of what she looks like. The colors are actually a little bit lighter – it was tricky to capture it accurately with my camera. But look at how adorable the pattern is and how cheerful the colors are. LOVE.

I needed to get a rug pad and searched for an eco-friendly version since a lot of regular rug pads contain toxic materials. I was thrilled when I came across RugPadUSA and ended up buying their Nature’s Grip product in a size made just for my new rug for less than $40.

In retrospect, I’m glad the Ruggable samples didn’t happen or I wouldn’t have come across this beautiful vintage rug. And I have a newfound appreciation for a vintage rug’s sense of history, how they anchor a room’s design, and how they instantly bring so much style and charm to a space!

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