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20 Stylish Home Decor Finds from Target that Look High-End

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It’s that time again – Target time! This is one of my favorite blog posts to write because I pretty much LIVE at Target and love sharing this simple pleasure with others.

Even though it’s still winter (not here in Naples though with days still hitting the 90’s!), spring is just around the corner for the majority of you and I’m sure you’ve been itchin’ to make some little changes in your home to freshen things up a bit.

There are some amazing new finds that I saw both in-store and some online that are coming soon. Target has upped its decorating game even more and I couldn’t be more excited!

I bought a few cute (and functional!) things for our kitchen from Hearth & Hand from Magnolia last week: This huge wooden decor bowl which, in my humble opinion, makes THE perfect fruit bowl (I’ve been searching for one for 4 years and none were “just right” until I came across this one), this gorgeous brass & wood cookbook holder which I’ve quite enjoyed displaying on our kitchen counter this past week, and this handly little spoon rest (I bought 2!).

One of the fun aspects of designing a space – and a way to stay within budget – is mixing high-priced items with low-priced items to create an interesting, lived-in feel and that’s what my “I Spy High-End Design” feature posts are all about.

So come check out these 20 stylish home decor and furniture finds from Target that look high-end but won’t break your budget. Bonus: these beautiful pieces will fit in with so many different design styles!

Drop me a comment below and let me know what YOUR latest fave Target purchase is!

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