16 Gorgeous Dark Earthy Green Paint Colors

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I’ve been feeling itchy lately. Not actually itchy, but more of an internal creative itch that needs some major scratchin’ and it’s nothing an over-the-counter topical cream can treat. I know, not the most glamorous imagery, but there ya have it.

Our farmhouse is the first home I’ve lived in with all white walls since, well … forever ago. I’m pretty sure the last time I’ve lived in a place with any white walls was way back in my 20’s when I was renting apartments with roommates.

Ever since then, I’ve always painted my walls some kind of color, so going all-white with this house was a HUGE stretch for me.

I painted a few feature walls using various navy blue paints from Benjamin Moore, but the majority of the farmhouse’s walls are a beautifully crisp white – Benjamin Moore’s Chantilly Lace, actually.

Now, if our farmhouse didn’t have board-and-batten walls throughout to add texture and shadows, I never would have done an almost-all-white home. I LIVE for color and after living in our home for over 4 years now, I’m honestly getting a bit bored with the all-white walls.

I’ve been wanting to pump some personality into our main bedroom (you can see what it currently looks like here) for a while now. It’s nothing special and I feel it’s lacking soul and the lived-in, loved-in feeling our other rooms captured over the last few years. I’ve been putting off decorating it to focus on other rooms that visitors see like the living room (it doesn’t even look like this anymore!), dining room, powder bath, and kitchen.

So I started slapping some Samplize paint swatches on the wall above our bed just to get the ideas flowin’ and gravitated towards blues which is what I would normally do. Then I decided I was going to do something different and get out of my comfort zone to create something really special and landed on … DARK, EARTHY GREEN!

After looking out of our bedroom windows and seeing all of the gorgeous nature we’re surrounded with (we’re on 2.3 acres of mostly treed land), I figured a complex, earthy green would be a natural extension of bringing those beautiful outdoors in.

Once I determined green is the new plan, down the virtual rabbit hole I went and was instantly mesmerized by all the different spaces bathed in these sumptuously intriguing, earthy olive greens. It’s gonna be such a bitch picking the final color from my 16 gorgeous paint color choices at the bottom!

Drop a comment below and let me know which one (or two, or three …) is YOUR fave!

Image Source: Jean Stoffer Design

Image Source: Coco Lapine Design

Image Source: via Clare Paint
Paint Color: Current Mood by Clare Paint

Image Source: One More Day Design
Paint Color: Black Bamboo by Behr

Image Source: deVOL Kitchens

Image Source: Rehabitat Interiors

Image Source: Greywood Mama

Image Source: Sarah Fultz Interiors

Image Source: Plain English Kitchens


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