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Our Powder Bath, The Never-Ending One-Room Challenge: Part 5

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So this is it – the last part of this series before the final reveal. Woo hoo!

If you’re new here or new to this series (Welcome!), you can get caught up on Parts 1 through 4 here, here, here, and here.

So in Part 4, I revealed the color wash technique I did on the upper walls and I’m thrilled to report I’m still SUPER in love with how it turned out. I’m totally going to do this technique in the future.

It was less expensive than using lime wash, was SUPER easy to execute, and the end result looks very similar to a lime washed plaster wall.

I added a few new accessories like a basket for the toilet tank, tile for the soap niche in the wall, a wall switch cover, and some cute hand towels (all to be shown in the final reveal). But THE most important task to me was finding gorgeous artwork to really elevate this tiny room.

For this space, I wanted to get out of my comfort zone which would have meant going with a relaxing coastal shoreline print of some kind. I wanted something that was unexpected (at least in our house) and bold to set the tone for this tiny space. The room started to take on a old Parisian vibe – which was not planned at all – and I figured I’d just keep going with that feel.

So this time, I decided I was gonna get a little ballsy and go NUDE. Well, not ME, but the artwork.

Like the adorably clueless Cher Horowitz would shriek, “As if!”


If you’ve ever watched the movie “The Breakup,” you’ve definitely seen my inspiration’s artwork. That movie catapulted her career as a famous artist and she’s renowned for her nude charcoal drawings.

That artist’s name is Francine Turk and she’s uber-talented, super smart, and just a super cool chick and we happened to go to grammar and high school together in the Chicago suburbs.

Since our last names were next to each other in the alphabet, we typically had assigned lockers near each other and I loved taking a peek at whatever she was sketching at the time because she was so incredibly creative.

Junior year of high school – OMG, our hair!

I remember as far back as 3rd grade that Francine was always drawing something and her artwork looked like it was done by someone more than twice her age. I knew she’d be a famous artist one day and I’m just ridiculously thrilled she’s been able to showcase her talent to the world!

Francine Turk’s nude sketch on the movie set of “The Breakup”
Image source: Hooked on Houses

I only wish I had purchased one of Francine’s original pieces years before she was discovered because they cost thousands of dollars now and that is, um, WAY-HEYYYY out of my budget.

This nude charcoal sketch by Francine is one of my faves:

Image source: Anecdote | Art by Francine Turk

So what should you do when you can’t afford your dream artwork?

Shop on Etsy of course!


Since there’s no way I can afford Francine’s art, I thought I’d go the Etsy route and see what original art I could find that would have the same vibe.

I found 4 nude sketches that really resonated with me and I made some mockups in Photoshop to get a general idea of what they’d look like in a copper-ish frame.

Option A
Click here for the Etsy listing

Option B
Click here for the Etsy listing

Option C
Click here for the Etsy listing

Option D
Click here for the Etsy listing


The winner!

It was really difficult choosing one because I loved them ALL so I sent the mockups to my sweet friend (and talented artist as well!), Kelly, who owns Calusa Gallery Art & Frame here in Naples to get her professional opinion. Kelly is from Chicago too and most likely why we immediately clicked & formed a friendship about 5 years ago.

Kelly is a creative genius with framing artwork so I decided I’d go with whichever one she recommended and her pick was Option D because of the bold, curvy lines. So Option D it was and I ordered it as a rolled canvas print.

Kelly also convinced me to go with a traditional, yet modern, frame I never ever would have picked on my own and I CANNOT wait to see her work her magic and see the final result in a few weeks!

Make sure to stick around to see our powder bath’s final reveal!

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