High-End Look for Less

Studio McGee’s Crestview House Entryway

I’ve been a HUGE fan of Studio McGee’s since I started following Shea McGee on her Instagram feed back in 2016.

Shea’s unique design style inspired me to mix metals in our new farmhouse build, and I also discovered Hallmark Floors because of one of her posts. You can see a great photo of our gorgeous wood floors here.  Thanks, Shea!

It’s been such an exciting and inspirational journey watching her young company’s incredible growth over the last 4 years and their achievements are SO well deserved.

They recently launched a home decor line at Target, they have a book coming out, AND they have a Netflix show coming in mid-October. There is literally nothing their talented team can’t do!


A couple of weeks ago, Studio McGee posted photos on their blog of their ridiculously beautiful Crestview House remodel project.

STOP READING! You seriously need to go check out that blog post right now to see the amazing Before and After transformation – it will blow you away! I can’t believe it’s the same house.

I really appreciate the home’s minimalist design and the fact that the designers were still able to pack a visual punch that is beyond stunning and classic.   The homeowners must be over the moon with their “new” home!

Image Source: Studio McGee

Studio McGee’s insane attention to detail is what makes this remodeled home so special and it all starts with the entryway pictured above that I’m using as today’s inspiration.

SIDE NOTE:  Make sure to click here to see another Studio McGee project I recreated. It’s one of my most-read posts and you’ll understand why, especially if you love green!


This kind of high-end interior design perfection typically comes with a super painful price tag.

I’m not sure of the exact cost of this room but based upon a few items I was able to source, I would estimate this entryway cost at least $3,000 (not including the flooring, painting, woodwork, etc.) to decorate.

That’s a hefty price tag for such a small space – just the 2 items below cost around $700!

The console table is vintage and could easily cost up to $1,000 (or more!), and I would guestimate the lamp to be at least $500.

Round Mirror | Black Vases

I don’t know about you, but I don’t have that kind of budget to use on my entryway.

However, I CAN get a similar look for much less, and here’s what I would do to recreate Studio McGee’s Crestview project’s entryway.

The total cost of the items below (excluding the paint since that’s a variable cost) comes to an approximate grand total of $600.  FOR. THE. WHOLE. ENTRYWAY.  Now that’s more like it.

Let me know what you think about this Look for Less in the comment section below this post. I’d love to hear your thoughts!

1.  White Paint | 2. Open Weave Basket | 3. Round Brass Mirror  | 4. Faux Olive Tree Branch
5. White Textured Table Lamp | 6. Console Table | 7. Black Mini Dish | 8. Black Vases

I hope this post inspired you to not be intimidated in trying to recreate a high-end interior design look you love due to the accompanying high-end price tag.  There are ways to achieve the look and feel of that inspiration room you love without buying the exact items the interior designer used.

And always try to interpret an inspiration room for YOU because we’re all individuals and have such different personalities!  Just use these rooms as design guides and then put your own personal stank on them.

If you have a room inspiration photo you’d like me to feature in the future, feel free to contact me.

Thank you so much for following my blog and for letting me help you create your own lived-in, loved-in spaces!

Image Source:  Studio McGee