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12 Stylish Cotton Kitchen Runner Rugs Under $200!

Ya feel like watchin’ your head rotate and then explode?  Type “cotton runner rugs” into Google.  Go ahead — I dare you.

In roughly .66 seconds, about 8 million- yes, MILLION – results pop up.

Searching for kitchen rugs is definitely not for the faint of heart or for those whose patience runs out after 5 minutes.

So I figured I’d save you some time (and sanity) and dive into the endless abyss of rugs and show you 12 super-stylish options that are ALL UNDER $200!


We have not owned any rugs in our home for over 15 years because CATS.

Emma & Oliver loved peeing on any rug (Oliver destroyed a gorgeous Pottery Barn area rug!) so I had to put the kibosh on decorating with rugs which really sucked! A rug can be integral to designing a space because it adds so much personality and really helps ground a color palette.

Ever since both senior kitties passed away in June 2019 (RIP), I have been entertaining the thought of purchasing rugs for different spaces in our modern farmhouse, starting with our kitchen.

I’ve been on the hunt for a small runner rug with a geometric/Scandinavian feel to it.  I need to find juuuust the right size because it’s not a very big space and that’s been a bit tricky, but I love the challenge!

Back in December, I bought this cute little scatter rug ($10 at Ross!) as a placeholder for some future fabulous piece.  I actually live for the thrill of the hunt so I don’t mind waiting to find the perfect rug for this space.

So moving on … I prefer cotton rugs for a few reasons:

FIRST:  I have asthma and chemical sensitivities so I’m very aware of the products I bring into our home.  I try to use no (or low)-VOC products as much as possible.  This was especially important during the construction phase of our home regarding adhesives, paints, etc.

Rugs (especially those made of nylon or polypropylene) can harbor toxic chemicals that are then released into the air as harmful volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Um, that’s a HARD PASS for me.

SECOND: I want something that can easily be thrown into the washing machine and magically looks brand new, not look like a herd of cattle just stampeded through my kitchen.

THIRD:  I adore the casual, laid-back look and feel of a cotton rug.  Anyone that knows me personally would never describe me as being “prim” or “proper.”  Something about having the mouth of a truck driver, maybe.  Anyway, I’m not fussy and I don’t want my rugs to be either.

Ok, so let’s check out the 12 stylish cotton runner rugs I found!

1. Scandinavian – $169 (2’x6′) | 2. Traditional – $45 (2.3′ x 3.9′)
3. Southwestern – $107 (2.6′ x 8′) | 4. Farmhouse – $60 (2.4′ x 7′)

5. Boho – $60 (2′ x8′) | 6. Coastal – $70 (2.3′ x 11′)
 7. Cottage – $108 (2.5′ x 8′) | 8. Stripes – $50 (2.3′ x 7′)


9. Neutral – $198 (2.5′ x 9′) | 10. Geometric – $62 (2.3′ x 7′)
11. Bold – $100 (2.5′. x 7′) | 12. Eco-Friendly – $25 (2.3′ x 4.5′) 


So which of these rugs are your faves?  If I HAD to choose, the neutral rug from Anthropologie (#9) and the geometric rug from Target (#10) would be mine.

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Thank you so much for following my blog and for letting me help you create your own lived-in, loved-in spaces!