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Stylish & Affordable Home Decor From Overstock That Looks Expensive

My design plea to you:  If you’re new to decorating, PLEASE do not run out and buy Costco furniture because you assume your budget won’t allow you to purchase something truly unique and beautiful.

Actually, you might end up spending more (whaaat?) on that nondescript, freakishly overstuffed brown sofa than on something else that will make you joyfully giddy every time you look at it.

THAT’S what I want for YOU:  finding things that you will love and cherish for years instead of feeling a big fat “MEH” whenever you walk past them and I’ll show you how!


A lot of people believe that they need a really high budget in order to get top-notch home decor products and so they end up buying lackluster items instead.

I want to help this group of people realize that this belief is simply not true – you don’t need a big budget in order to incorporate high design items into your home.  You simply need to know what to look for and where, and you’ll start to develop a keen eye for design.

I have purchased only a couple of things from over the years, mainly because there wasn’t much on there that would make my little heart skip a beat (a self-imposed requirement before I buy anything).

However, they have really stepped up their home decor game of late and I actually found myself having a rather difficult time narrowing down my selections.

Bonus with these picks:  you could easily mix and match any of these items in a room!

1.  Leather Butterfly Chair | 2. Round Table Lamp | 3. Leather Throw Pillow | 4. Globe Chandelier
5. Ikat Pillow  |
6.  Danish Dining Chair | 7. Canvas Wall Art | 8. Table Lamp | 9. Distressed Rug
10. Pouf | 11. Round Jute Rug |
12. Capiz Coffee Table | 13. Leather Woven Chair | 14. Green Velvet Sofa
15. Boho Rug | 16. Fringe Pillow |
17. Geo Throw Pillow | 18. Wood Beaded Chandelier
19. Black & Gold Pendant Light | 20. White Pendant Light |
21. Buffalo Wall Art | 22. Gold Table Lamp
23. Acrylic Side Table | 24. Danish Woven Chair

I think my favorite item on this design board is the lush velvet green sofa. OMG.  Even though it doesn’t fit in with our home’s decor style, I still appreciate how beautifully designed it is and I would jump at the chance to use it in a client project.  It’s really like a work of art and it’s under $800!

Thank you so much for following my blog and for letting me help you create your own lived-in, loved-in spaces!

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