10 Beautiful Exterior Design Images I Pinned This Month

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I have a deep, mad love for Pinterest. Like, an “if-it-was-legal-to-marry-it-I-totally-would” kind of mad love for it.  My love for that iconic, flirty little come-hither-cherry-red “Save” button runs that deep.

As an artist and interior designer, I adore Pinterest because it’s a bottomless well of inspiration that vigorously exercises the creative side of my brain. It never ceases to amaze me just how creative human beings can be and I find it to be SO captivating to scroll through so many stunning images all in one spot.

I was looking through all of the beautiful images I pinned this past month (there were TONS!) and somehow narrowed them down to 10 which really inspired me.

Enough chit-chat from me – I’m going to let these stunning images do all the talking for the rest of this post.

But I’d LOVE to know – what’s your favorite inspiration photo in this bunch? Drop your vote down below – I’d love to see which image resonated with you!

Image Source: Boxwood Avenue
The floral designs and those gorgeous planters are so welcoming

Image Source: Santa Barbara Magazine
I love the idea of a conversation area beneath a magical old tree

Image Source: Heather Bullard
I love the informal feel of the gravel patio especially
against the dark, traditional windows

Image Source: Finding Lovely
I love everything about this situation, especially the fencing

Image Source: Country Living UK
I love the reclaimed brick patio and all of the charming flowers and decor

Image Source: Joanna Gaines
I mean, c’mon. What’s not to love about this breathtaking garden?

Image Source: The Nordroom
I love the entire sitting area especially that charming gravel patio

Image Source: Pinterest (original source unknown)
Again with the gravel walkway (do you see a pattern here? Ha!)

Image Source: Ayr Barns
I love the casual, familiar feel of this adorable shed

Image Source: Gardenista
I love the rambling roses climbing against the cottage’s dark siding

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