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13 Stylish Coffee Tables Under $600

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Hey-yo! I had to take a brief blogging hiatus during April but I have a good excuse – I swear!

Back in February, I had the good fortune of landing two new local interior design projects (woo hoo!) and the projects kicked into gear during April.

And since I don’t have an assistant and am doing everything myself (a lot of interior design is comprised of tedious tasks and not the super fun creative stuff – BOO) and sometimes, I gotta take a little step back from blogging and marketing in order to keep myself out of the looney bin.

This week’s topic is COFFEE TABLES, COFFEE TABLES, and more COFFEE TABLES.

In one of my client’s projects, I sourced THE most beautiful coffee table from Restoration Hardware which happened to become discontinued just the other day. But luckily, my RH rep was able to locate one in a warehouse and it’s on its way to my clients in a couple of weeks. My client said she’s going to name her new coffee table after me as a tribute. How sweet is that?

While the coffee table I sourced for my clients is pricey, it’s going to be the statement piece of their living room and the other furniture for the room is moderately priced. It’s a piece that looks “lived-in” and looks like it was well-loved for many years – a piece that looks like it could have been handed down from generation to generation, and that’s pretty dang cool.

In addition to its perfectly-patinaed beauty and charm, it’s also the perfect height to pair up with the seat heights of the sofa and armchair I sourced for them. Since my clients are seniors, I needed to select a sofa and armchair whose seats are on the higher side (closer to 19″ in height) so that it’s easier for them to get in and out of.

A couple of design “rules” when choosing a coffee table: You should pick a coffee table that is no more than 2-3″ lower than the sofa’s seat height, and about 2/3 of the width of the sofa, in order to achieve appropriate scale and functionality. And the Restoration Hardware coffee table checked off both of those guidelines. HUZZAH!

Like a rug, a beautiful coffee table can really anchor a living room so take your time in finding the perfect piece for your space, even if it takes a year or two (you’ll be glad you waited).

And to get your hamster wheel a-churnin’ with ideas, here are 13 stylish coffee tables under $600 (except for the last one – it’s too dang pretty to leave out!).

Have fun designing your space! ๐Ÿ˜

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