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12 Dreamy “Huggable” Boucle Sherpa Chairs to Snuggle Up In

Pottery Barn Hart upholstered chair white boucle sherpa armchair
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When I first started collaborating with my client on her bedroom refresh project in early March, we wanted to come up with a term that would describe the overall mood we wanted for her “new” room’s design.

After a long, stressful day at work in the medical field, she wanted a space to come home to that would feel like it was embracing her while softly cooing, “Everything is going to be ok” into her ear. Hence, “Huggable Bedroom” is the term we coined for her project. Cute, right?

One of the main purchases that would anchor the space would be a pair of dreamy chairs that would take up residence in an intimate windowed nook across from the bed.

Her dream chair was the stunning Lewis Armchair from Shoppe Amber Interiors. But starting at $4,200, that chair was definitely not in the budget.

So I took the overall feeling of that chair – cloud-like, cozy, like getting a giant teddy bear hug – and sourced other suitable chairs with similar traits that would fit within her design budget.

I gotta say, I could totally picture myself in any of these “huggable” boucle chairs except for one personal caveat: I don’t trust myself around light-colored furniture. Ha!

I’m like a giant toddler – I can’t even wear a clean t-shirt for longer than 30 minutes without getting some kind of nasty schmutz on it. True story.

But if you’re not scared off by off-white, non-slipcovered furniture and desire to be swallowed up by a super-comfy nubbly chair, I bow down to thee for thy bravery and urge you to carry on with your alabaster-white purchase!

Come check out these 12 dreamy “huggable” sherpa chairs that are made for some serious snuggle time with a stylish blanket and a good book.

Drop me a comment below and let me know which one is YOUR fave!

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