10 Beautiful Dark & Moody Bedrooms

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If you remember from last week’s post about my upcoming weekend makeover for our primary bedroom, I decided about using a dark, earthy olive green paint as a quick, easy, and cost-effective way to change the feeling of this, quite honestly, boring bedroom of ours.

In the last year, I’ve noticed my design taste starting to shift towards a more traditional look and feel, but not in a stuffy “Would you care for a spot of tea, Madame?” kind of way.

While I still like bright and airy design, there’s just something about the sophistication and coziness of traditional interior design style that makes it so charming and gives it that lived-in, loved-in look that I strive for.

There’s also the benefit of not being too “on-trend” so that the overall design has staying power and won’t have to be updated every couple of years unless, of course, you want to and to that, I say, “Huzzah!”

I really want a cozy, comfortable – yet energizing, if that makes any sense – space that inspires me to be my best and do my best as soon as I wake up each morning. I ordered this duvet cover the other day and I think it’s going to be stunning paired with a dark green wall.

The difficult part will be deciding whether to paint the entire bedroom or just a focal wall behind the bed. Our bedroom leads directly into the primary bathroom and there isn’t a door for separation, just a small cased opening, so it’s tricky figuring out where to stop the paint because I don’t want to paint the bathroom.

The 10 beautiful dark and moody bedrooms below give me SO many ideas of which direction I can take our bedroom. It’s definitely a BIG step for me to go from a light and airy space to a dark and moody one, but I’m pretty stoked after devouring tons of gorgeous online inspiration during the last week.

And while the design from Studio McGee down below isn’t technically a full-on dark and moody bedroom, I like how it gives a moody feeling to an otherwise bright space and I feel like that might be more my vibe, at least for now. Hey – it’s all about baby steps!

Even though we have some dark feature walls in our home, none of the rooms have dark paint on all 4 walls so I think I’ll start with a feature wall and go from there. And since we live in southwest Florida, it’s not common to have dark and moody rooms but I’m ready to change things up starting with our own home (which is essentially my design lab, much to The Hubs’ chagrin – ha!).

Anyway, come check these 10 beauties out and make sure to drop a comment below and let me know which one (or two, or three …) is YOUR fave!

Image Source: Chris Loves Julia

Image Source: Lemon Thistle

Image Source: Jean Stoffer Design

Image Source: Sarah Sherman Samuel

Image Source: Studio McGee

Image Source: Nesting With Grace

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