Out With Sanctuary – In With White Oak & Linen!

Well, it’s been a hot minute since my last blog post. January 22nd, actually. But I have some really good excuses though – I swear!

I wrote this post back on January 7th explaining why I decided to change the name of this blog from Sanctuary to White Oak & Linen. Not only did I change the name of this blog (actually not an easy thing to do on the super-nerdy technical side of things), but I also started an interior design business which takes up a lot of time.

I also started redesigning this website in January and was THIS close to being done a few weeks later. But I had to set it aside because I picked up 4 new clients because of this blog. CLIENTS, you guys!

I’m at the tail end of 2 of the projects and then I’ll have LOTS of posts to write so get ready. Make sure to sign up for the weekly newsletter down below so you don’t miss a thang.

I’ve also been working on developing my own little candle line that captures the overall feeling of White Oak & Linen Design Co. – authentic, sophisticated, inviting, relaxed. I’m hoping to have the online shop ready to go by July and I’m crazy excited about it – the scents are SOOOO good!

Overall, I’m just really excited about the direction of this website and my new interior design business. And I’m even more excited that you’re here to join me on this journey.

And yes, I realize I just used the word “excited” three times in the last 3 sentences but I can’t think of another word that perfectly sums up what I’m feeling right now. I’M FREAKIN’ EXCITED, Y’ALL!!!!

Anyway, welcome to the all-new White Oak & Linen!