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Home Decor Obsessions Under $800 From One Kings Lane

I’m currently in the process of putting together living room design boards for two different clients – one family here in Naples and one newlywed couple in Virginia – so I’ve had living room stuff on the brain for months now.  PLEASE MAKE IT STOP!! Just kidding – I love it …

In both instances, I have tight budgets because these families are also going to be redecorating other rooms in their homes as well.  So it can definitely be a challenge to come up with a high-end look on a tight budget, but that’s where I thrive:  I LOVE the challenge.  It forces me to get even more creative which is an exhilarating feeling!


I’m not even kidding with the title.  When I was browsing on looking for living room decor for my clients, I came across this pillow.  This ridiculously meh, nothing-to-look-at-here-folks kinda pillow.

Image Source:  One Kings Lane

It must be stuffed with gold because the list price on this thing is $995. But, hey – you get FREE standard shipping, so there’s that.

I’m sorry, but for that kind of money, some SUPER hot dude should show up at my door, in a limo, and sweep me off my feet. Or scrubbing out the inside of my fridge. Either works.

There’s a lot of this kind of ridiculously-priced home decor on One Kings Lane (a faux Fiddle Leaf Fig for $1,500 – ARE YOU NUTS??), but there are also some real affordable gems on there if you spend the time poking around.


Lucky for you, I put together a design board of my current One Kings Lane obsessions that are UNDER $800!!

Can you believe it??  You won’t have to sell one of your kidneys on the black market to afford any of these items.

I mean, a gorgeous wood 4-post queen size bed for $700?? Well, slap some butter on my ass and call me “Biscuit!”

1. Jute Mirror | 2. Gold Chandelier | 3. Pair of Table Lamps | 4. 5×8 Area Rug 
5. Sofa | 6. Bunny Storage Bin | 7. Canopy Bed | 8. Round Coffee Table | 9. Pair of Chairs
10. Rattan Counter Stool | 11. Dining Table | 12. Pair of Chairs | 13. Jute Chandelier
14. Rattan Accent Chair | 15. Console Table | 16. 5×8 Area Rug | 17. Wood Floor Lamp

So what’s your favorite thing on this design board?  Mine is definitely that yummy rattan accent chair (#14).  Yes, I actually called a chair “yummy.”  It’s a perfect little chair to amp up the funk factor in any space.  Yummy AND funky.

Thank you so much for following my blog and for letting me help you create your own lived-in, loved-in spaces!

Image Source:  One Kings Lane