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16 Educational Gifts for Children

Happy Thanksgiving!  As of today, there are only 26 shopping days left until Christmas.  That’s right – 26 DAYS!!  It’s okay if you go back into your food coma now … that’s where you’ll find me.

Over the next couple of weeks, I’ll be sharing a few more gift guides to help free up your valuable time by doing the shopping for you so you can enjoy the holiday season and JUST BE.

This week’s gift guide is targeted toward Children.

If you missed the Gift Guide posts for The Homebody and The Gamer, and The Gardener, make sure to check them out.  I’m sure you’ll find some super fun ideas to add to your holiday shopping list!


Even though The Hubs and I don’t have human kids (ours are the furry kind), we still enjoy being around the company of children as long as they’re not little monsters.  We especially love watching their young brains come up with some very thoughtful answers to our questions – they never seem to amaze us with their quick wit!

Once a week, I teach guitar to young girls and it’s the highlight of my week.  It’s been incredibly rewarding helping them learn a difficult instrument and watching them blossom every week.  It’s such a privilege to help form these young minds by sharing my passion for music with them and I know they’re going to be strong, confident women in the future because of what they learned.

When it comes to gift-giving ideas for children, I typically tend to lean on the educational side. Kids receive enough of the mainstream crap as gifts (which they tend to get bored with pretty quickly), and I’ve found that they end up appreciating unique gifts that challenge their growing brains.

So this week’s Gift Guide is dedicated to those kiddos that aspire to be the coders, builders, botanists, scientists, engineers, teachers, doctors, creatives, chefs, and veterinarians of tomorrow.

1. We Are the Gardeners Book – $20 | 2. Global Adventure Cooking Kit – $25 | 3. Interactive Bear Patient – $50
4. Wood Bead Maze – $13 | 5. Knit Hand Puppet – $25 | 6. Wooden Block Set – $38
7. One Thousand Things Book – $17 | 8. Zoo Animal Blocks – $20
9. Clay Model Kit – $16 | 10. Forest + Fauna Memory Game – $10 | 11. Glowing Slime Kit – $18
12. AI Robot Kit – $44 | 13. Maps Book – $35 | 14. Stanley Jr. Real Tool Kit – $55
15. Little Veterinarian Set – $30 | 16. Coding Critters Interactive Toy Set – $40

My favorite thing here is definitely the Little Veterinarian Set – I would have been SOOO excited if I received that as a gift when I was a kid.

Could you see gifting any of these things to the special children in your life?  What would you add to this list? I’m always looking for awesome gift ideas, so feel free to shout ’em out!

Thank you so much for following my blog and for letting me help you create your own lived-in, loved-in spaces!

Image Source:  Magnolia