California Coast 8 oz. Candle Tin

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Whenever I smell this candle, I imagine I’m driving down the iconic Pacific Coast Highway in a vintage convertible – top down of course! – loudly singing along to oldies on the radio while taking in all the sights,  scents, & sounds of a spontaneous Cali road trip along the vast & magical Pacific Ocean.

Our candles are hand-crafted in small batches by talented artisans in Indiana, and our scents are truly unique because the fragrance recipes were developed just for us!

This scent is part of our California Casual candle collection.


This captivating scent has beautiful signature notes of:
• Frasier Fir
• Sea Foam
• Patchouli


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This highly-fragranced candle comes in a gorgeous gold 8 oz. tin that can be recycled or upcycled (makes a super stylish container for storing office supplies like paper clips, push pins, memory cards, rubber bands, etc.).

*Quick Tip:  Place your used candle tin into the freezer for a few hours and the leftover wax should pop right out. Then use something like Goo Gone to clean up any remaining residue.  Your tin will look like new and you saved it from going to the landfill!


Quick facts about our candles:
• Proudly hand-poured & made in Indiana
• Made with 100% hand-poured soy wax, premium natural oils, and a cotton wick for a clean, long-lasting burn
• Have a true burn time of at least 60 hours and are free from heavy metals or other contaminants
• Make great gifts for anyone because the scents are sophisticated, inviting, & relaxing



Additional information


8 oz. (227 g)


60 hours


• 3-4 hours per burn for maximum longevity and quality.

• It is recommended that candles do not burn for longer than four hours and cool for at least two hours before relighting.

• Burning a candle for too long will cause carbon to collect on the wick, leading it to “mushroom.”

• Ensure that your candle is placed on a heat-safe surface.

• Before you light any candle, always trim the wick to ¼ inch and remove any debris left in the wax pool such as wick trimmings or matches.


3" Diameter, 2" High

1 review for California Coast 8 oz. Candle Tin

  1. Karyn M. (verified owner)

    Love this candle! Has a great smell, not too strong, which is nice because I am super sensitive to odor.

    • Michelle (store manager)

      Thank you so much for your review, Karyn!

      I’m so glad you’re enjoying your candle!

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